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It is really disheartening to know that around 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year and this significantly endangers Earth’s marine life.

Such inappropriate disposal of plastic also causes severe clogging and flooding every year.

And I am sure that most of us came across the recent story of the poor pilot whale in Thailand which was choked to death by clogging of more than 80 plastic bags in its stomach. It unfortunately happened on 1st June, just a few days before the World Ocean Day.
This is not the first time that we’ve heard such news. However, this time it was different for me. Instead of lamenting upon such environmental abuse, I decided to take things in my hands and do something to make a difference.

It gives me a lot of pleasure to share a small but meaningful initiative that I undertook during the last week of Ramadan towards protecting our environment by practicing 3-R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) taught us at school.

With the support of my parents, I initiated a green drive of collecting plastic bottles littered around haphazardly and managed to collect 500 of them. My effort was not only appreciated by my school but also these bottles were further submitted to Bee’ah Recycling Center as a part of our school’s Recycling Project.

This was just one of my many steps which I am planning to take to create a greener and sustainable environment.

I thank my mentors, the teachers of my school, especially our Headmistress Kashmira Ma’am for instilling such values and awareness in us.



It was a long-awaited day for me, “ACCOLADES GRADE 4”. Just an hour before the program, my class teacher told me that I was a SPECIAL AWARDEE for being the Asset Winter 2017 , Subject Topper: Math in school. On hearing that, I was awestruck and there were no words for my happiness. I was ecstatic and felt very proud. The moment I received the trophy, I felt out of the world. It was a memorable day of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and all my teachers for their continuous support. This trophy made me more ambitious and motivated me to be more focused and ace more such competitions…


My love for art gave me the  opportunity to be the part of an art event: World Kids Colouring Day, on 6th May organized by Staedtler at Kindergarten Starters School, Dubai. The topic given to us was ‘That’s Typical.’  When I heard it, I knew what I wanted to portray. I could imagine the scenario where the kids playing with their electronic gadgets in a closed room and the adults busy on the phone talking or taking selfies. The field is empty, the garden is quiet and the atmosphere is somber.

At the event we  were given A3 sized papers and were asked to use only colour pencils and nothing else. I was satisfied that I could depict on the sheet what I imagined.

Being selected as the winner of the event made me feel great! Along with the certificate, I received a big box of gift hamper full of colour pencils, lead pencils, pens, crayons and so much more. More than the goodies the thought that I won for my school brought a smile and made me proud. It was altogether a different kind of feeling to receive the certificate and the gift hamper from Kashmira ma’am which always boosts my confidence and increases the urge to do better each time. I genuinely thank my respected teacher, especially Bhavani Ma’am and Senior Head Mistress Kashmira ma’am for entrusting me with this opportunity to represent my school.




The moment I received the most coveted, Gold Trophy at the International Karate Championship Budokan Cup 2018, Dubai, I felt out of the world. After so much of practice, hard work and dedication I reached here.  It was a challenge to overcome my competitors from other countries like India, Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka.  I felt so honoured to receive 1st place in Kata and 2nd place in Kumite under 7-8 age category.

It was a memorable day for me. My success is just because of my karate masters Okinawan, my parents and my well- wishers. My love for sports is never going to end.


‘’ Great things are done with a series of small things that are put together ‘’ Vincent Van Gogh

We, the girls of DPS Sharjah, volunteered for a great cause in association with ‘Dubai Cares’ as we do care….

An important value we learnt in our school is, ‘Service Before Self.’  We were the lucky ones, chosen and given the opportunity to take this great cause forward.

After a series of brainstorming sessions and thinking in alliance with ideology of the Great Leader Sheikh Zayed  (2018 is the year of Sheikh Zayed) who believed that “ A country’s greater investment lies in building educated and knowledgeable Youth,” we decided to  spread the message of reading.

We know that young children are fond of story books with morals,  hence we decided to collect old story books from our families, friends, neighbors. We collected around 250 story books for different age group of children.

We wanted to add a special  theme to our to our project, we then creatively made book wrappers with the picture of Sheikh Zayed, we also made books marks with the quotes of Late Sheikh Zayed which we distributed along with books we sold. We also prepared banners depicting our project in association with Dubai Cares.

The entire series of event from planning to selling trained us as young entrepreneurs and we learnt that nothing is impossible if you decide. We managed to sell a lot of books and collected a handsome amount for charity. We worked together as a team and were successful.

On our first day, we were nervous but excited too. With 4 hours of hard work at the stall, we earned about six hundred fifty dirhams and felt wow! The next day we decided to work  for six hours, on that day we had earned eight hundred twenty dirhams. Now since we had built up   confidence in ourselves we decided to sell our books alone with our parents in our building, we collected two hundred and fifty dirhams each.

Our passion and believe that we can make it made us earn approx. 3865dhs, which have  given for charity purpose to Dubai Cares.

Our happiness had no bounds when the great moment arrived, ‘Dubai Cares ‘ awarded us as the First Runners up.

This project prepared us to take up challenges in future, especially if it is to fulfill a humanitarian cause.

We all thank everybody who had worked on the backstage for us especially our Senior Head Mistress Kashmira ma’am, Supervisor Geeta maam, our class teacher Manisha ma’am, Academic Supervisor Adeeba ma’am , Senior Supervisor Mamta ma’am and above all our dear parents.

Our dream team:

Aarya bikram Bhardwaj

Anvi Santosh pillay

Ritisha pramanik

Zahra murtuza lohawala

Lakshita mehethwani


I, Deepsikha Rao have been learning Artistic Gymnast at the Gymnastic Time from the age 5. My experience at Armenia Gymnastic Open Championship, organized by Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports, Republic of Armenia was just amazing as I proudly made to the finals. My dedicated hard work, strenuous training under able coaches and passion for the sport earned me the silver and bronze medals under various categories. My dream is to become a champion gymnast and participate in Olympics.


Before I even stepped in to DPS Shajah as a kindergartner, my brother had told me that I have to play in the Cubs Cricket Tournament and it became my goal to be part of the Cubs Cricket Team of D.P.S. Sharjah. I was thrilled when I came to know that I had been selected for the final team. We practiced a lot with Prayas Sir. Every match was exciting and fun. I enjoyed playing in all the league matches, especially the final against D.P.S. Dubai.

I was so happy when we won the match & when I held the trophy I felt so proud-My dream had come true!!!


I was awestruck when I was declared the first runners up of the monthly magazine ‘Little Genius,’ a complete Magazine for School Students and the first of its kind published by RDS Publishing of Magazines LLC from Dubai, UAE. I was honoured to receive the award directly by Dubai RTA, who sponsored this event. It was one of the most delightful moment of my life.


I waited with bated breath, when the winners names were being announced on the stage at the Grand Finale of the music reality show ‘Suno1024 Junior Superstar’ held on 11th March 2018 in Dubai at GIIS Campus (Al Barsha). And then, my name was announced as the Runner up in the category of 6 to 10 year old kids!!! I ran to the stage with joy and excitement, to receive my trophy amidst the loud applause of the gathered audience.

Thousands of kids from all over UAE had auditioned for this prestigious competition held by the popular UAE Radio channel SUNO1024 FM.

There were multiple rounds of auditions, wherein initially my parents had to send an audio clip of my song to the organizers. In the next round of audition which was held in the office of SUNO1024, 22 kids were shortlisted. For the semifinals, I had to go to Suno1024 studio, where a Hindi song of mine was recorded and was published on social media and on radio as well. Judges then shortlisted the top 10 finalists, including me for the finals. From then, I had a week’s time to practice for the Grand Finale. I am the only boy who made it to the finals!!

In the spectacular Grand finale, I performed in front of eminent judges like Bollywood singer Divya Kumar, UAE celebrity judges Mitun De Sarkar, Jogiraj Sikidar and Nishita Charles. There were 2 rounds of singing and I was very happy that my songs received rave reviews from all the judges. Even people in the audience came to me with appreciation and hugs too!!

I received wonderful prizes too for my win which included a Lenovo TAB, Gift vouchers worth

AED 2000 and other goodies as well.


Here is the link to my performance at this acclaimed event:









It was indeed a great moment for me when I was selected as one of the five awesome winners of Junior Reporters of Legoland Dubai and got an opportunity to be a part of ‘Fantastic Five’.

I was interviewed live by Dubai’s most popular radio station DUBAI EYE 103.8, not once but twice, which was also broadcasted by Arabian Radio Network.

It was an out of the world feeling for me, just as a dream came true.