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Physical education is the only subject that makes your heart race…”

I am going to talk about the misconception and importance of physical education.

People think it as physical training, drills which are also called as P.T. EXERCISES.

It is wrong, this phrase is used by forces to produce fighters.

Other consider physical education as playing activity like football, hockey, races and other competitive activities. Whereas this is also not true. Few consider physical education is meant only for recreation, fun and enjoyment.

In fact these wrong opinions have led to many misconception about the subject..

Let me clear all…

Rest period: People think it is the rest period and does not have any academic value. This opinion is also wrong as this subject is very demanding in coming time and has academic values.

It has a defined curriculum which involves theory as well as practicals. Thus, it is not a rest period.

Wastage of time: Games and sports require special type of equipment, apparatus, playfield etc which are costly.

Leads to indiscipline-Opinion are totally wrong. Good sportsperson always behaves in a disciplined manner and follow rules and regulations. This forms a habit of staying disciplined in the other field and in a real life also.

These are some misconception about them..

I will tell you one story related to my profession. It is related to me only

I was the topper in my 1st year of college but the drawback was I never used to attend the lectures.

In physical education colleges you should have 75% of compulsory attendance, but I never took it seriously.  One fine day my lecturer called me up and said, “You have to attend the morning classes regularly.”

As I reached the class next day, he told me that I am the topper of the Bachelor’s Degree (1st year), but   he also asked me to take a full round on my knees around the ground.

The ground was made of concrete and it was paining like anything, I was in extreme  pain, but being a true sportsperson, I did it and completed the 400m track, one full round..

So, this subject teaches determination and a lot of discipline..

After working in Gulf, once when I went back to my native place, my college from where I graduated, the same lecturer treated me as a chief guest. He asked me to address the young new batch and share with them, how I came up to this level.

It is my perseverance, dedication and the true sportsperson’s spirit which led me to my road of success and compelled those young pupil to consider me as a chief guest in my own college..

It’s sad to share that so many of my good friend are working at petrol pump, some of them are working as a tourist guide. It is very painful.

At the end, I request you all to involve the young energetic generation in any one physical activity of their interest.

Please take physical education as an important subject for the overall development of the child.