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As I embark on my journey to school,
I have an encounter with a subject that is really cool !
Quotient and reminder, minuend and dividend,
The power of math surprises at us every end.
Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication,
To top it all, the sums needs verification.
So many shapes and so many numbers,
Tricky math can be hard to remember.
Try, try, till you succeed,
Solving math puzzles is a great deed.
It is a subject that will help us at every turn,
MATH is the greatest thing we can ever learn !!!

One of them waved at me

the other one smiled.

The trio were at the window

building faces with the play dough.


Some faces they made were sad, some bad

but the one that stood out for me

was the face of the Bee


Buzzy and busy

going around the flowers in a tizzy

Teaching me how to be happy

To smile when life is tough

To smile when life is rough

To smile when I win

And To smile even when I lose



For life is happy

when friends are goofy.

Childhood is not a bother,

When you smile as the journey is

not forever!!


A smile is something which looks good on everyone.

Something which keeps your soul fresh,

Brings positivism and happiness

Keeps one spirits high.

Smile a lot it costs nothing,

A smile is the best gift you can give anyone,

Give a smile to your planet

Make it green and a happy one..

Smiling birds and smiling flowers,

Make the world a smiling paradise,

Washing away all hues and cries….

A smile can never be forgotten,

Once passed has an assured return.

A smile can defeat anger and has no bounds,

It express emotions without sounds.

So smile and let the world smile with you…..


My Mom is my Super Hero, because..

She is always there for me,

She is very helpful.

She is there for me, whenever I need a hand.

She gave me hope, when I am down.

My Mom is my Super hero, because..

She is beautiful like flowers,

She is unique and cuddles with me.

She has a mind to do everything I ask for.

Thank you Mom for being my Super Hero

For giving me the place where I have grown,

You are and always will be my sweet treasure.

She is my heart and my blood,

Thank you Mom for being my Super Hero


Smile, so you will have friends

        And they will smile to you too.

You will be happy when everyone smiles

        So, let’s start smiling  and be happy forever.

A Smile with your face, from your mind

        Smile in the classroom and in the bus.

A Smile makes everyone happy and gives energy,

 So, let’s start smiling and be happy forever.

You Smile, the world will smile with you

        And the world will be your friend.

Your friends will smile to you wherever.

        So, let’s start smiling and be happy forever



Make the happiest pile,

            Never let it go for more than a while.

A smile is a key to resolve all your worries,

As all will go in a flurry.

                      There is no need to frown,

                      always wear it like a crown.

        Sail with it through your ups and downs,

          Always remember to laugh like a clown.

     Life’s best friends are made with this gesture,

Spend more, win more is the beauty of this treasure.

                     Always wear it on your face,

It fills your personality with grace.

When YOU SMILE and SMILE the whole world

belongs to YOU, whatever the tide.

          It makes you beautiful and changes the

world bountiful,

     A SMILE….


Once I had a dream,

about me being queen,

My minister was a cat,

who chased all the rats.

I was very pleased

with my kingdom and the fields,

which I cared by myself,

everything, even the bees.

 Once I had a dream,                                                               

about a pirate with a hook.

He had a very crooked nose,

which was very funny for me.

He sailed across the sea,

to find an island called Pale green.

He went to find treasures,

hidden in that little pale green.


Once I had a dream,                                           

about a dog without a tail,

He was looking very frail,

with no place to play.

Then a little girl

saw him and took him home

That little girl was

supposed to be me all along.


By Paravathi Pavithran  4E



It’s myplanet, it’s my home …

It’s an amazing place to roam.

Full of beauty with flowers everywhere,

Trees to give shelter and birds are living there.

Mountains stand like a huge wall,

See,it looks more beautiful with a waterfall !.

Happiness is in the chirping of the birds,

And when I see the moving herds.

Now I want to give a warning

Not to do any global warming.

Let my planet, let my home be safe and sound

Or else there will be danger all around.

So promise to be green warriors

And join hands to make a strong barrier.

Small steps taken by all of us

Will protect our own mother Earth.


by Mohd. Huzaifa Khan – IV G


I love my mother,

She is good and kind.

The things I lose,

She helps me find.

She wakes me up for school,

When I am still asleep like a fool.

She finds, when I am Hungry,

She calms me when I am angry.

I love my mother,

She’s so good  to me and her name is Bindu!


by Srihari – D 3C


My mother is great

She is my best mate.

My mother is very kind

And I will always keep her in my mind.

I love her very much

She has a loving touch.

She is the best mother

Like her there is no other.

by Fatemah Sohail Gulamhusein – 3I