Physical education is the only subject that makes your heart race…”

I am going to talk about the misconception and importance of physical education.

People think it as physical training, drills which are also called as P.T. EXERCISES.

It is wrong, this phrase is used by forces to produce fighters.

Other consider physical education as playing activity like football, hockey, races and other competitive activities. Whereas this is also not true. Few consider physical education is meant only for recreation, fun and enjoyment.

In fact these wrong opinions have led to many misconception about the subject..

Let me clear all…

Rest period: People think it is the rest period and does not have any academic value. This opinion is also wrong as this subject is very demanding in coming time and has academic values.

It has a defined curriculum which involves theory as well as practicals. Thus, it is not a rest period.

Wastage of time: Games and sports require special type of equipment, apparatus, playfield etc which are costly.

Leads to indiscipline-Opinion are totally wrong. Good sportsperson always behaves in a disciplined manner and follow rules and regulations. This forms a habit of staying disciplined in the other field and in a real life also.

These are some misconception about them..

I will tell you one story related to my profession. It is related to me only

I was the topper in my 1st year of college but the drawback was I never used to attend the lectures.

In physical education colleges you should have 75% of compulsory attendance, but I never took it seriously.  One fine day my lecturer called me up and said, “You have to attend the morning classes regularly.”

As I reached the class next day, he told me that I am the topper of the Bachelor’s Degree (1st year), but   he also asked me to take a full round on my knees around the ground.

The ground was made of concrete and it was paining like anything, I was in extreme  pain, but being a true sportsperson, I did it and completed the 400m track, one full round..

So, this subject teaches determination and a lot of discipline..

After working in Gulf, once when I went back to my native place, my college from where I graduated, the same lecturer treated me as a chief guest. He asked me to address the young new batch and share with them, how I came up to this level.

It is my perseverance, dedication and the true sportsperson’s spirit which led me to my road of success and compelled those young pupil to consider me as a chief guest in my own college..

It’s sad to share that so many of my good friend are working at petrol pump, some of them are working as a tourist guide. It is very painful.

At the end, I request you all to involve the young energetic generation in any one physical activity of their interest.

Please take physical education as an important subject for the overall development of the child.


As Walter Winchell said, “The real friend is the one who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out”. It is important to have good friends, as it is to have family. Good friends help, guide and support us in every walks of life. It is rightly said, “friends are family we choose ourselves”.

Having new friends is a sign of bringing new confidence and energy in life. Having friends gives us energy to laugh. Friendship teach us a lot in life and make us stronger and happier every day. Friendship helps in making us understand and develop the habit of sharing and caring.

Having great friends to share our life is a great gift. Those who have true friends are blessed people. Friends are sources of happiness. Friends give us emotional support. They always help us in difficult times and make us feel special. So, it is very well said that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

A new friend or old friend or any friend is always bringing positive and new energy. I am blessed to have bunch of true friends in my life. They bring new energy, new ideas and new hope in my life everyday and make my life amazing and full of fun.


One day I was playing on my I-pad for a long time, suddenly my eyes started watering and itching. I went to the washroom and saw that my eyes were red. I went to my parents and they took me to the clinic and the doctor said that I was staring at the blue-light of the I-pad for a long time so, the doctor suggested that I should go for digital detox . I went home and researched about digital detox .

Then I understood that digital detox is a period of time during when a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smart phones, I-pads or computers. I decided to apply the ways of digital detox as the doctor suggested. I started putting away my I-pad during my meals, limited myself to one screen at a time. Now that I learned my lesson, I started educating my friends on the benefits of digital detox, so that they do not face a similar problem.


Once there was a boy named Harry. He was an excellent student in the school. One day at the end of his first term, his parents bought him a computer because he scored outstanding scores in all subjects. Little did his parents know that buying Harry a computer was a big mistake. When he got his computer delivered, he charged it and started installing games. After he got the computer, his sleep was very much affected as he always woke up early to play the games. He also was losing his eyesight. His parents had to buy him a new glass every two weeks because of the amount of time he looks at the screen. When the second term started, he was very dull in studies. He could not concentrate in class as he was very sleepy and always dreamt about going home and playing on his computer.

Every day after reaching home from school he used to throw his bag and play on his computer. He never did his homework and didn’t even try to complete it in class. After his exams came, he was almost like brainless zombie.

He was not physically fit nor mentally fit and he couldn’t see a thing. Because of this, he failed in most of his subject. One day his parents got a call from the school community and they told Harry’s parents about his condition.

When they reached their home, Harry was playing on his computer. His father turned the computer off and asked him to only use the computer for educational purposes and deleted all the games. Because of this depression Harry banged his head on the wall and fainted. His parents took Harry’s unconscious body to a Psychiatrist to be treated. [ a doctor who treats mind problems]. The Psychiatrist did some treatment and said to his parents he had been addicted to the games he installed and couldn’t concentrate on anything other than video games in his life. When Harry got discharged from the hospital, he rediscovered his potentials and was the same smart Harry again.

So, I prefer you read books and play games which do not involve any electrical gadgets, during your leisure hours. Be in nature, do something to protect and save our environment, like planting more trees and e-waste recycling.


I am a mother to two boys,  Hasan in 5l and Zulfiqar in 7Q and the memory I want my children to really have while growing up is the feeling of being a child, which I feel these days is lost in the numerous classes a kid has to attend, along with the pressure of grades n peer competition. I barely see kids play in the corridor or look at the clock every 10 min to see if its 5pm and time to go hit the park and play simple cricket or football.

I crave for them the small pleasures of life which we really had in our non-screen years. My finest achievements were the interactive &  social skills I picked by simply playing with friends in my building compound .I didn’t need a personality development class to go to .I picked up the habit of doing homework daily by a simple reward system of getting to play an hour more on the grass, as opposed to being bribed with a PS4 game .I learnt to get dirty in the grass ,play different sports with children from  different nationalities ,learnt tolerance and team building through simple pleasure of just playing and fighting like a child ,and that today when I look back is my biggest achievement which has made me able enough to develop skills to run my dream business Zharbottoms .All I want to say is that childhood is a gift that shouldn’t get lost among classes and pressure of the future .I want my boys to just be boys and grow up in the dirt with the scratches and pains of growing up because in my personal opinion  that’s the foundation of what will really make them ready for the world .I don’t want them to be in a bubble created by the so called gizmo world, I’d rather have them breathe the fresh air, catch that flu and grow up being just those naughty boys who I kept screaming at ,clean your room ,pick those toys !!!!!


In today’s digitally proliferated age, it is quite challenging to abstain ourselves from the fascinating digital devices. The continuous engagement of both parents and kids with these captivating screens have tremendously reduced the actual interaction between them. Fortunately, my exposure to such devices has been minimal due to my parents’ intervention. This prevented me from getting hooked on to such devices for long hours.

I can list out several ways by which a digital detox can be easily achieved. Starting my day with Yoga or meditation is indeed very rejuvenating. It relaxes my body, improves concentration and keeps me fresh throughout the day. I enjoy spending time with my family. We have fun together by playing cards, chess, carom board or any other indoor games. It is a great idea to plan some family outing such as visiting a park, museum or aquarium. Joining a sports academy has also helped me a lot by increasing my participation in physical activities and keeping me fit & healthy. It also helps in relieving stress and boosting self-esteem. Whenever, I need to take a short break from my academic activities, I spend some time practicing the sports skills that I learnt during my coaching sessions.

Kids generally tend to get bored during a long journey or even when their family members are busy shopping. They usually prefer to pick up a tab and start playing games. I have an interesting alternative to get rid of this boredom, which is reading books. I ensure to take a book along with me when I step out. This is the best way to utilize our spare time effectively.

Having shared with you these few ways for a digital detox, I am certain that I have unclogged your mind with a plethora of such ideas. Then, what are you waiting for! It’s time to put your thoughts into action and reduce your dependability on these gadgets. Practicing a digital detox will enlighten your minds and enhance your relationships with your near & dear ones.