Documents and paper scattered everywhere, pressing random buttons on a computer, everyone was hopeless at ISRO as they had lost all kinds of communications with the Chandrayaan 2. Meanwhile the Chandrayaan 2 had not landed on a smooth surface of the moon and had crashed, the spacecraft was completely wrecked and the poor Vikram Lander was partially shattered.

Everyone grew completely hopeless, but then something extraordinary happened.


Suddenly some signals started coming from the lander again. The images of an odd-looking creature with purple and blue skin, large black eyes, antennas and a spacesuit started displaying on the screen and all the people at ISRO were awestruck. The images flashed for a fraction of a second only and left everyone curious and spellbound.

Back at moon it was extremely astonishing what was caught in the recording camera of the Vikram Lander. The creature was speaking gibberish and seemed confused too. Unable to understand what he had encountered, he turned the lander into a living creature and tried to understand the whole problem through brain waves. It started asking the lander what he was doing there and introduced himself also as Pie. Suddenly an alien with green skin tagged along. His name was Chi. Pie and Chi lead Vikram to a cave in the South Pole. They went inside and Vikram was enchanted to see many aliens and their lifestyle. Chi pushed a button and the cave closed. Pie explained to everyone Vikram was from Earth and needed help. Everyone smiled and comforted Vikram. Vikram realised all aliens had different skin colours and shapes too. Pie and Chi took Vikram to someone who looked like a king. The king’s name was Draco. Draco greeted Vikram. Everyone went to their rooms. Draco took Vikram to his room. He understood Vikram’s whole problem and took him to one of his best expert. Soon the technical problems of Vikram were rectified and it was brought back to the place where Pie had spotted it first. Once again supernatural powers were used and Vikram turned back into a proper functioning machine.

The team at ISRO connected to the lander successfully and the mystery was only solved when they got the video footage during the second successful mission to moon.


Our story starts in English land where all the grammar you’ve learned today has originated from. “I’m tired of agreeing with you!” cried the subject to the verb.”But we need to agree with each other to form a proper sentence as told by the Grammar master” replied the verb. “Well, I’m gonna give a piece of my mind to the Grammar master,” said the subject[ who became now impatient].

“But then you’ll change the whole English language” cried the verb. They went to meet the Grammar master. “Ahah, tired you say right,” said the grammar master after listening to the subject’s comment. “If you want it, then go with your idea, I’ll change everything for you, okay?”. The verb who was now clearly confused just stared at the subject who was jumping with happiness. The grammar master took a giant rulebook and did a few corrections in it and suddenly the English changed except for the subjects and the grammar master’s English.

A few days later, the subject was feeling uncomfortable hearing a peculiar type of English which made no sense at all like” Ben live in a new apartment “. He wanted to see what was happening in the outer world. So, he jumped into a child’s book. He was the subject of the sentence in a child’s book right now and beside him was the verb.

He wanted to hold  hands with the verb to agree with him [like always] but the verb didn’t budge his hands to agree.”Oh no, I forgot about my decision about the disagreement”, he muttered to himself. And now came the transformation. The subject of the sentence was `school team’ but the verb was ` run’.  After that back in English land, the pronoun said to the subject” The verb are sad because you shouted at him for no reason”.”But I only shouted at one verb not many!” yelled the confused subject. “Why are you using a plural noun for a singular?” asked the subject. “I is using it because…” “Why you is always shouting me!” roared the verb wiped tears from his eyes. Then suddenly before anything could happen a bright flash of light pulled the subject into the English land.  He went inside the swirling mist of letters.

“Subject, you’ve learned your lesson” the grammar master’s hollow voice echoed through the mist. You’ve to hold the verb’s hand as you did before when you used to agree. Then the verb appeared beside him. As soon as the subject’s hand touched the verb’s hand there was a pop and then they returned to where our story had started…..


During one of my vacations , me and my five cousins planned an expedition  to a dense forest which is near our farmhouse.

At first our parents were reluctant but later they agreed as we said we would return before nightfall. So we packed our backpacks and decided to start off early next morning. We filled our bags with snacks, water bottles, first aid box, magnifying  glasses, binoculars and few safety items like handmade spears, bamboo sticks and knives; in case ferocious wild animals come face to face with us.

Before I continue the story I would like to tell about my five cousins-

Adithya the introvert, always buried in his books.

Akshay is a naughty and smart boy just like Jerry from Tom and Jerry.

Akshith is a sporty boy. He always reminds me of Bruce Hyena, the best friend of Geronimo from the book series of Geronimo Stilton.

Amogh the nightingale is always humming on his tune.

Aryan our navigator is always precise in giving directions.

We have named our group of six as ‘DEXTEROUS SIX’.

So, we woke up early next morning and started our expedition to the dense forest. As it was still dark we lit our torches and walked in a lazy and sleepy mood. We then entered the forest with a high alert. We heard the noises of wild animals, the loud chirping of crickets and the sound of leaves which crackled under our feet. Akshith and I led our group of six. We had planned to have our breakfast near a waterfall. Aryan guided us giving directions towards the waterfall. Our instincts were telling us that something was going to happen. When we reached the beautiful waterfalls we had our breakfast and spent some time playing in the water. Later, we resumed our journey .We took many pictures of the forest and had our lunch .We plucked many edible wild fruits and flowers.

It was almost dusk now. So we decided to return. When we reached half way, we heard some people talking .We quickly hid behind a bush. Guess what?

They where poachers and they had hunted a deer! Naughty Akshay who loved animals was about to attack the poachers with his bamboo stick. Amogh and Aditya pulled him back into the bush. After we were confirmed that they were poachers and doing illegal activities in the forest, we sketched a plan to get them caught. Amogh and Adithya ran back home stealthily to call our parents and villagers for help. The rest of us kept watch on the activities of the poachers by hiding behind different bushes. After about fifteen minutes,       our parents and villagers reached the spot. We all attacked and hit the poachers with bamboo sticks, and stones. We captured them and handed them to the cops.

Just then, someone tapped  my shoulder. I looked behind to see who it was.


Oops..! I was on my bed!!!! My mother was beside me trying to wake me up to go to school! The expedition and encounter with poachers was just a dream!!! I was not in India but in UAE!! There was one more week for the vacations to start.

Now I know why I got this dream. The previous day, I had spoken to all these cousins of mine and had slept reading the book, Famous Five. This should have weaved my last night’s dream. What an adventurous dream I had!!! Waiting to narrate this to my friends in school and the  characters of my dream!!!