I waited with bated breath, when the winner’s names were being announced on the stage at the Grand Finale of the music reality show ‘Suno1024 Junior Superstar’ held on 11th May 2018 in Dubai at GIIS Campus (Al Barsha). And then, my name was announced as the Runner up in the category of 6 to 10 years old kids!!! I ran to the stage with joy and excitement, to receive my trophy amidst the loud applause of the gathered audience.

Thousands of kids from all over UAE had auditioned for this prestigious competition held by the popular UAE Radio channel SUNO1024 FM.

There were multiple rounds of auditions, wherein initially my parents had to send an audio clip of my song to the organizers. In the next round of auditions which was held in the office of SUNO1024, 22 kids were shortlisted. For the semifinals, I had to go to Suno1024 studio, where a Hindi song of mine was recorded and was published on social media and on radio as well. Judges then shortlisted the top 10 finalists, including me for the finals. From then, I had a week’s time to practice for the Grand Finale. I am the only boy who made it to the finals!!

In the spectacular Grand finale, I performed in front of eminent judges like Bollywood singer Divya Kumar, UAE celebrity judges Mitun De Sarkar, Jogiraj Sikidar and Nishita Charles. There were 2 rounds of singing and I was very happy that my songs received rave reviews from all the judges. Even people in the audience came to me with appreciation and hugs too!!


“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot, write a lot.” said Stephen King.

Books such as,  “Around the world in 80 days”,  “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” ” The BFG,” “Robinson Crusoe,”  “Harry Potter” and the numerous books  like these, are a part of my growing up. While reading these books, I would always feel that even I should write some books, for the young ones to enjoy reading.

The more I read, the more did my desire to become an author get stronger and just about 4 months ago, I got to know that there would be a summer story writing competition and the winner’s story would be published. This was a golden opportunity to achieve my dream. So, I wore my creative cap  and worked hard. With the blessings of my elders and my complete effort, I won the competition!

When the results were out and I was declared as winner, I jumped with exhilaration. It was a dream come true for me. Tears of joy welled in my eyes!

Now that the story would be published, I had to work on other things like illustrations, cover page, dedication page and preface. It was a wonderful experience. Drawing the cover page with two para gliders and the treasure box was the most exciting part.

Finally after a month long procedure my book was published and is now available on Amazon UK and Japan(Link to the book – https://amzn.to/2nKhCp5).

I want all my friends to buy my book and enjoy it. As the money one pays, goes to the underprivileged children and will aid their education.

I am excited to share that I was also invited by the team of 102 Pearl FM, to share my experience of becoming a published author from a storyteller.

Right now, I feel nothing but gratitude towards my parents, teachers, friends and well wishers. To all my dear friends who are reading this I would like to say – “Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up.”


A Whole New Tomorrow……..by Jaiwardhan Nawani

Today is good, but tomorrow needs to be better,

I wish, I hope that tomorrow shall be a better trend-setter.

I would like people to be kind to others and themselves,

I would like them to be kind to insects and animals.

I wish, I hope that there will be no more wars,

I wish, I hope that tomorrow shall be a world without walls.

I wish, I hope that people should feel the real happiness,

I wish, I hope that tomorrow is not just about I or me, it will be about all of us.

I wish, I hope that tomorrow will be no pollution,

I wish, I hope that we all take a green resolution.

I wish, I hope we will have our earth, plastic free,

I wish, I hope I see everywhere only green trees.

I wish, I hope that tomorrow shall have no poverty,

I wish, I hope that tomorrow shall be having everyone happy and free.

If we wish for a world that is emancipated and happy,

I am sure the wish will come true for thee!


Jaiwardhan  shared his inspiration and experience….

“It helped me to think about what kind of future I am looking forward to. It also made me realize how little effort we are putting to fix the existing problems. We all are aware of problems of pollution, increasing plastic, deforestation and so on but very few of us are actually working towards the change. I wish that we all work to make my vision come to reality and that is what I have tried to pen down.”