A Beautiful Memory… I consider as my First and Best Achievement….. by Sampurnima Ramani.

Every adult reminisces the memory he or she has cherished during his/her childhood. Even though the topic is either memory or achievements, I would love to write or recall one of my beautiful memories of childhood that I considered as my first and best achievement.

Every child remembers their grandparents specially mothers side a lot than the fathers. I’m no exception. I have very fond memories of my Ammumma (mom’s mom) that’s how we call her. I still remember her smile and the way she used to touch my hair. I have never seen my ammumma losing temper to any of her 8 children or to her grandchildren. I loved the way she sings during any function in the family of relatives and friends. I loved her cooking and the way she pleats her saree. I always wanted to be like her, soft spoken, ready made smile on lips.

One memory I always cherish is when I moved to 5th grade, she called me one day and asked me “Meera, do you know to write in Tamil properly now?” I replied, “Yes ammumma.” She gave me an inland letter and said ,”I want to write a letter to your aunt, can you help me?” I agreed. She gave her big smile to me and started dictating me about the contents very slowly. I was so nervous because that was my practical letter writing unlike school ones. I made few mistakes while writing and she was patiently assisting me, guiding me. By the end of the letter, when there was place for one line, she asked me to write, that this letter was written by Meera and dictated by her ammummma. That was my biggest achievement. I gave her a big smile filled with gratitude. My First letter and even though there were mistakes, she gave credit to me; she included me in that letter whole heartedly. When I look back while writing this, I can feel how big her heart was to make me write that line.

From that day till grade 8, I was the official letter writer to my ammumma. Every letter she made me write that line, sometimes when there’s no space; she will ask me to write that particular line on the flap sides of the letter.

I might have written somewhere around 50 letters for her. All the letters are so important to me, it made me read her mind, her joys, sorrows, anguish and her day to day activities. These letters helped to build a rapport with her and as far as I’m concerned I’m her favorite granddaughter.

These days technology has improved and we convey whatever there in our mind via Whats App and telephonic conversation. Letters are always special. It always gives a feeling that someone ought there is thinking about you and waiting for your reply even if it takes 15 to 20 days. I had the habit of writing letters to my mom, even after moving to Dubai and I still cherish the letters that I received from her.

After a certain point of time in life, when all the achievements you achieved has turned to a memory and all the memories that you cherish turned into achievements, you feel you have maintained a balance and smile.

This memory of my childhood is my first and best achievement. I thank the DPS Buzz, Editorial  Board  to  give me an opportunity to recall this beautiful memory.