I am a mother to two boys,  Hasan in 5l and Zulfiqar in 7Q and the memory I want my children to really have while growing up is the feeling of being a child, which I feel these days is lost in the numerous classes a kid has to attend, along with the pressure of grades n peer competition. I barely see kids play in the corridor or look at the clock every 10 min to see if its 5pm and time to go hit the park and play simple cricket or football.

I crave for them the small pleasures of life which we really had in our non-screen years. My finest achievements were the interactive &  social skills I picked by simply playing with friends in my building compound .I didn’t need a personality development class to go to .I picked up the habit of doing homework daily by a simple reward system of getting to play an hour more on the grass, as opposed to being bribed with a PS4 game .I learnt to get dirty in the grass ,play different sports with children from  different nationalities ,learnt tolerance and team building through simple pleasure of just playing and fighting like a child ,and that today when I look back is my biggest achievement which has made me able enough to develop skills to run my dream business Zharbottoms .All I want to say is that childhood is a gift that shouldn’t get lost among classes and pressure of the future .I want my boys to just be boys and grow up in the dirt with the scratches and pains of growing up because in my personal opinion  that’s the foundation of what will really make them ready for the world .I don’t want them to be in a bubble created by the so called gizmo world, I’d rather have them breathe the fresh air, catch that flu and grow up being just those naughty boys who I kept screaming at ,clean your room ,pick those toys !!!!!


In today’s digitally proliferated age, it is quite challenging to abstain ourselves from the fascinating digital devices. The continuous engagement of both parents and kids with these captivating screens have tremendously reduced the actual interaction between them. Fortunately, my exposure to such devices has been minimal due to my parents’ intervention. This prevented me from getting hooked on to such devices for long hours.

I can list out several ways by which a digital detox can be easily achieved. Starting my day with Yoga or meditation is indeed very rejuvenating. It relaxes my body, improves concentration and keeps me fresh throughout the day. I enjoy spending time with my family. We have fun together by playing cards, chess, carom board or any other indoor games. It is a great idea to plan some family outing such as visiting a park, museum or aquarium. Joining a sports academy has also helped me a lot by increasing my participation in physical activities and keeping me fit & healthy. It also helps in relieving stress and boosting self-esteem. Whenever, I need to take a short break from my academic activities, I spend some time practicing the sports skills that I learnt during my coaching sessions.

Kids generally tend to get bored during a long journey or even when their family members are busy shopping. They usually prefer to pick up a tab and start playing games. I have an interesting alternative to get rid of this boredom, which is reading books. I ensure to take a book along with me when I step out. This is the best way to utilize our spare time effectively.

Having shared with you these few ways for a digital detox, I am certain that I have unclogged your mind with a plethora of such ideas. Then, what are you waiting for! It’s time to put your thoughts into action and reduce your dependability on these gadgets. Practicing a digital detox will enlighten your minds and enhance your relationships with your near & dear ones.